The Top 4 Helicopter Tours in Anchorage

Explore the surrounding glaciers near anchorage & get a bird's eye view of the largest city in Alaska with Anchorage helicopter tours! These glacier tours get you away from the crowds & up above the expansive landscapes for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From dogsledding to glacier treks, these tours are one of the best opportunities to experience Alaska's incredible natural beauty. Knik Glacier, Matunuska Glaicer, & Cataract Glacier are just a few of the stops you can experience on these breathtaking tours. Anchorage helicopter tours offer aerial views of the city, its surroundings, and nearby natural landmarks such as glaciers, mountains, and wildlife. Enjoy a unique perspective on the region and its breathtaking beauty. Book early for these high-demand tours so you can guaratee your seats during your time in Anchorage. 

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